What is Solace Plus?

Solace Plus is a premium subscription service for our users. Each month, Solace Plus members receive a box themed around one of the goals within Solace in order to help the recipient complete that goal. The subscription goes toward the cost of the box and supports Solace’s general operations. 

What is Solace?

Solace is a not-for-profit mobile application for iOS and Android, developed in Spokane, WA. Our mission is to empower transgender individuals to have agency in their gender transition by providing access to credible, relevant information and allowing users to create a custom roadmap toward accomplishing their personal goals. Using Solace, users can learn about important steps like how to update the gender marker on their legal ID, how to come out to friends and family, and what legal rights they may have (or not) in their state. By providing the current information relevant to each individual and then allowing them to mark the task complete, Solace empowers our users to complete these tasks with confidence and see themselves moving forward through their transition in real time.

Do I need to sign up for this to use Solace?

Solace is 100% free to use for all users, and the full functionality of the app is available whether or not you’re a Solace Plus subscriber. The rewards offered through this service are provided above and beyond the app itself.